Donations for Help The Homeless & Action Homeless
9, December 2019 - 22, December 2019

bring your donations to Grays in the lead-up to Xmas

Grays at LCB Depot will be collecting donations for local charities Action Homeless & Help The Homeless in the run up to Christmas.

We will be open & accepting donations Monday to Friday from 9am til 5pm, with the final collection being at LastFriday Before Xmas Part 2 on Saturday 21st December from 12pm til 8pm, before we close for the year.

Items needed are:

Socks, Jumpers, Coats, Blankets, Food, Toiletries

If you would like to find out about the charities we will be donating to, here are their websites with more information:

Action Homeless

Help The Homeless
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