Lionel T Dean : It's About Time
25, September 2017 - 13, October 2017

exhibition and Scan & Tell - bring in your sentimental object, tell its story, have it 3D scanned

A series of multi-platform artworks that combine virtual performance with real world artefacts. Everyday consumer products come to life and reveal their story in movie clips. Each artefact produced corresponds to a particular moment of animation and the finite length of the movie clips restricts the physical artworks to limited editions.

Lionel T Dean has been exploring the creative potential of digital design and manufacturing technology for almost ten years and is at the forefront of digital making. His work spans Art Craft and Design disciplines and questions traditional definitions of practice.

In 2003 he founded FutureFactories, a studio focused exclusively on 3D printing technologies and developing computational design methodologies which combine Computer Aided Design (CAD) with computer programming. Such systems allow the creation of virtual meta-designs with the ability to evolve and mutate over time offering a potentially infinite stream of one-off solutions.


Plus SCAN AND TELL : Bring your Objects - Lionel's team will digitally capture via 3D scanning, objects brought in by members of the public. The virtual objects will then be assembled into a 3D artwork for 3D printing. The objects are intended to be something with a personal story and a video soundbite will be recorded recounting this aspect when the artefacts are brought in.

Lionel Dean is Senior Lecturer at De Montfort University's Faculty of Art, Design and Humanities.
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