Mods 19:64 - shaping a generation
14, June 2019 - 28, June 2019

photos of Leicester & Nottingham mods : a REVIVE Festival event
opening at 6.30pm on Friday 14 June

mod girls

“Anybody who was a Mod will probably say the same thing, that it had an incredible effect on us all and it has stayed with us throughout our lives. The whole thing was about style; style in what you do, what you read and what you wore...” Terry Wilford

1964 was the year when Mods and Rockers fought on the beaches of southern England and Mod philosophy exploded unapologetically into UK mainstream culture. For many, life would never be the same again.

Mods 19:64 is a stunning black and white photographic exhibition that captures Leicester and Nottingham Mods from that remarkable year as they are today in 2019 – 19:64. Hosted in the Lightbox Gallery at LCB Depot, most of the images were taken outside iconic Mod related buildings in both cities such as the Dungeon nightclub in Nottingham and the Il Rondo in Leicester. Photographs by Joe Nixon (Arch Creative). Words by Shaun Knapp.

mod girls two


Friday 14 June 6.30-9.30pm, free entry
Come to the Official REVIVE Festival and Mods 19:64 exhibition launch, with Biff Bang Pow DJs, Wimpy at Grays, and 1960s scooters display!

Saturday 15 June, free entry
Two fashion talks : one at 1.30pm by Peter Feely on his Psychedelic 60s clothing collection and one at 3pm  by Gill Evans Catling (The Queen of the Mods) on her life and designing clothes 
Wimpy at Grays

Sunday 16 June, lunchtime+
Modfathers' Day!
Soul Sunday, free entry

Food for the soul (Grays Sunday Roast in a cob!)
Sixties soul music by DJ Earl Dudley
Curve Young Dance Company - mod-inspired dance at 1.00pm
Martin 'Frostie' Frost : 3pm Memoirs of a Mod / 5pm Leicester in the 60s

Thursday 20 June 5.30-7pm, £5/£3
The art of thinking about nostalgia and revival
A Culture On The Offensive talk and discussion event


Mod bullseye

Mods 19:64 complements the exhibition Mods - Shaping A Generation at Leicester's New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, 13 April to 30 June, and is part of the citywide REVIVE Festival over three weekends June 14-30.

Revive festival

See Shaping a Generation on Facebook and the Shaping A Generation website - The untold story of the Leicester & Nottingham Mod Scene


Mods Two City Connection book cover

Mods: Two City Connection tells the story of the 1960’s Mod scene in Leicester and Nottingham and how they were connected, concentrating on the themes of social, financial and creative freedom via exclusive first-hand eye witness accounts and unpublished images. The book links into the 40th anniversary of the release of The Who’s cult Mod film, Quadrophenia, in 1979 and includes a fascinating foreword by the film’s story consultant and author, Alan Fletcher. It challenges some of the perceptions associated with the Mods while exploring several key themes including fashion, music, individuality, transport, drug use, gender and race, anti-social behaviour and legacy. It also re-visits legendary hang-outs visited by the Leicester and Nottingham Mods including The Nite Owl, The Il Rondo, The Mojo, The Twisted Wheel and the Dungeon. It also includes a series of chapters written by the creatives and ‘faces’ from the two Mod scenes.

The book is on sale at New Walk Museum and Visit Leicester (51 Gallowtree Gate, Leicester LE1 5AD) for £14.99.


[B&W photos above : Nottingham's Dungeon Nightclub, mid 1960s]
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