The Art of Thinking about Banksy
23, May 2019

A Culture On The Offensive event, 6-7pm £5/£3

The insider's outsider or the outsider's insider?


The artist Banksy has a reputation for being one of the pre-eminent iconoclasts of the 21st century art world. With his anti-establishment stencil graffiti, sardonic sense of humour, and obsessive aversion to celebrity, Banksy has created a reputation for himself as one of the pre-eminent boundary pushers of the 21st century art world. But does his reputation itself suggest Banksy is now part of the establishment? His work has now been embraced by the Art Market and sells for astronomical amounts. Much of the politics in Bansky’s recent work is relatively mainstream. You could argue his critiques of Western Society wouldn’t be out of place in the Guardian. He is regularly praised by both the BBC and Brad Pitt. This raises the question: Is Banksy still edgy, or is he what the mainstream establishment would like us to believe is edgy?

Watch clips, listen to a talk, have some discussion led by the entertaining and insightful philosopher, Dr Greg Scorzo.

These are fun, social, thought provoking ‘talk and discussion’ events. Centred around a variety of topics and themes, we are happy to work in partnership with other organisations and/or venues. Whether in social or organisational settings, the main purpose is to get the audience to engage and open their minds to different ways of seeing things. For evening social events we generally incorporate visuals and other performances, like spoken word and music, creating a beatnik cafe environment.

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