The Art of Thinking about Faith Schools
13, November 2019

A Culture on the Offensive event at LCB Depot, 5-6pm, £5/3

Run by the new Social Enterprise, 'Culture on the Offensive' Philosopher DrGreg Scorzo will lead a talk and discussion about:

Should religious schools be able to teach claims that are at odds with secular values or knowledge?

This session will be about exploring questions about the scope of religious education and faith schools, such as: How do we navigate the possibility of teaching students claims that go against either secular values, or public knowledge? For example should faith schools be able to teach pupils that evolution isn’t true? Or that being gay is a sin? If not, in what sense are we allowing education to ever be truly religious education? Should we get rid of faith schools and religious education altogether?

Admission £5 (£3 low income) on the door

See this event on the Culture on the Offensive website
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